Friday, January 7, 2011

week 1; The week of pants and no pants...

Now that I've caught up with a handful (or two or three) of pictures since Tyler's birth in mid October, I'll get started with the first 7 from the first week of January.  I will have to update later with our NYDay pictures, as I didn't take any. Luckily Aunt Tammy did!  So without further adieu here are my favorites from this first week of 2011.  Tyler was sick this week, diagnose (unofficially) with RSV it was a rough week. We've done a lot of snot sucking and sleeping and not much more exciting.
This weeks title is kind of odd, but fitting.  Tyler wore a very interesting pair of 90s Fresh Prince pants earlier this week and also wore his first real pair of sweatpants (a staple in this house.) In a couple of these pics he's from weird pants, to sweatpants, to no pants, here's week 1 of Mr T.

fresh prince
 sweet baby diaper change

I'm ready to hunt, Dad!
bonus jumperoo pic

naked baby

LL Cool T (pants malfunction)

I started rolling over consistently this week. Look out!

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