Saturday, January 15, 2011

family fun day

Like a Real Italian

I should have taken more pictures today. I had my camera, it just didn't happen...we had lots of fun today.  Tyler was invited to his first birthday party today but we had to pass to avoid too many germs just yet. We ended up having lunch/dinner with Aunt Jenna and Uncle Chris at Italian Garden and it was so yummy.  Then mommy, Aunt Jenna and Delaney went to run errands for a little bit while the boys stayed home. We were only gone a little while when Tyler woke up and freaked out...remember he wouldn't take a bottle so I didn't even bother bringing one thinking surely he can make it 2 hours without eating. Yeah guess not.  He screamed for 45 minutes until we returned to dissipate his rage. Hopefully I can get B to send me the video he took.  Ooooooh boy!!  Every day we make it with this banchee is another day under the parenting belt. Sheesh!!  After I fed him we decided we were getting hungry again and we had promised Delaney Cherry Berry frozen yogurt, so we went to Mooyah Burger first and it was so yummy.  I'm sure other mom's will agree that sometimes you forget to eat during the week...well thankfully I made up for it today I'd say! We really enjoyed Cherry Berry's fun atmosphere and the tables you can color on.  Hudson liked Shrek 3, it put him right to sleep.  It was a fun day! January is shaping up to be a pretty busy month for us, so hopefully we'll have more fun posts to come!

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