Monday, January 17, 2011

Corn Nuggety Goodness

This is gonna be quick...Tyler is having another one of his nights. I don't know why my kid can't go to sleep like a normal child. Maybe I'm confused because my nephew seems to like to sleep, but my kid refuses to go to bed without a fight. I guess we are just that exciting and cool.

So we had a great Monday!  B told me this weekend it wasn't likely we'd see him much this week. He has the CPA exam coming up and he needs to get some serious studying done.  However, Grammy had the day off of school so she and Uncle Johnny came down to hang out.  I LOVE it when my mom comes to visit because stuff always gets done and today was no exception.  Tyler wasn't too sure about having visitors as it breaks from his normal routine, but he warmed up eventually.  John took down our Christmas tree (YAY) and vacuumed my living room and kitchen! He's a bit like my dad sometimes...scary.  So now my house is officially back to its non-Christmas state.  We had a nice intervention marathon and eventually Mom and I went to Target and grabbed some groceries so we could eat. I did manage to get in a shower and several loads of laundry too.  And I learned that apparently my son is most definitely MY child.  He takes after his momma not only in looks but baby behavior too. God help me if he continues on this path for the rest of his childhood.

Mom and John left around 7 and B showed up at 7:30 with CORN NUGGETS.  Those of you who know me know i do not like fried chicken (food with bones scares me), but I agreed to Church's last night because i love their delicious corn nuggets. Well B returns and informs me they no longer make corn nuggets. damn.  So i ate my fries and fluffy honey biscuit; I was over their chicken strips at this point but I tried to make the best of it.  So tonight he surprised me with some delicious Golden Chick corn nuggets. Heaven in my mouth.  Hopefully in the near future we can go to the Mecca of Chicken aka Chicken Express, where I plan to forgo chicken all together and just eat fried pickles and crispy, golden corn nuggets. And for the record I am not pregnant again already.  But who wants boring old chicken strips when you can have other delicious fried goodness.

So that's about the excitement of my evening. If only my baby would go to sleep.  I can hope.

Here's Tyler and Grammy:


  1. Your mom's adorable, your kiddo is even cuter...and you...well you're the most quirky person I know! :) Miss ya!

  2. AWWWWW If I had to fit the love that I had for those two in a bucket it would be impossible!